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Like the university itself, research at UC Riverside, is on the rise. Funding for our path-breaking research initiatives is up more than 70 percent over the past 10 years.

Here you’ll find world-class genetics experts who are leading the global fight against mosquito-borne illness, saving millions of lives. Our campus also boasts the nation’s largest indoor atmospheric test chamber, rendering us a leader in air pollution and alternative fuels research. And as California’s top resource for citrus research, UC Riverside partners with growers to protect California’s $7 billion+ citrus industry.

As a catalyst for economic growth and technological innovation, the campus contributes $2.7 billion to the United States economy. We proudly partner with local, national, and global entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and fellow research enterprises to take our expertise and visionary solutions from the lab to the marketplace. 

The Office of Research and Economic Development (RED)

The Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) works with UCR faculty, departments, and schools to launch research collaborations, increase federal research funding, facilitate technology commercialization and start-up ventures, and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP)

The Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) helps to further the entrepreneurial efforts of innovators on the UCR campus and in the Riverside community at large. OTP’s team of experts provides personalized support for individuals and teams seeking to develop, fund, or commercialize their ideas.  

Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept and Innovation Center (EPIC)

In collaboration with the Riverside County Economic Development Agency and numerous regional partners, the Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept and Innovation Center (EPIC) provides training, resources, and incubator space for UCR and Riverside-based innovators and startup companies.


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